Termite Control Dubai

Termite/white ants are social insect and silent destructor. Golden Leaf Pest Control team did Termite Control in Dubai. The lots of wooden interiors, exposed to these termites, as in one of the site termite attached and badly damage the wooden escorting.

Post Construction Termite Control was the requirement. Drilling and injection method was adopted to make the anti-termite pesticide barrier beneath. Our Post Construction Termite Control is backed by 5 Years Services Warranty.


termite control dubai

Termites are also called white ants, which feed on wood cellulose.Termite not only damage the wood but also damage paper, books, insulation and even swimming pool liners and filtration. Termite cause billions of dollars in damage each year. There are about 2000 known species in the world. Some of the termite species are:

  • Damp wood Termite
  • Dry wood Termite
  • Formosan Termite
  • Subterranean Termite

We have Two types of termite Treatment :

  • Pre-Construction Termite Control

Golden leaf UAE provides professional pre-construction control for your new construction site. Pre-Construction termite control is mainly direct soil treatment of inside and outside and in also in the foundation to prevent the termite attack.

  •  Post Construction Termite Control 

If you have noticed wood that sound hollow, mud, tube an exterior wall or crass termite dropping it means there is termite infestation. So contact with Golden Leaf Pest Control. Our Team consist of professional operators  and entomologists. We use new techniques to prevent you from termite destruction. For post construction we use drilling and injection method and also use termite baits station to control termite. We have done many projects in Dubai.

Termite Control Dubai requires technical knowledge and intensive care during services as well as in the field of pest control services.

For Services Booking Contact: Engr. Khan 050 2936738



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