Rodent Control Dubai

Rodents, rats and mice, cause considerable damage to our property and business through contamination of food, packaging and work premises with urine, droppings and hair. Physical damage caused by gnawing of cables, timbers, goods and indeed anything else, will be costly to replace or repair. Golden Leaf UAE supplies expert rodent control services in UAE using various methods including rodenticide baiting, tracking, trapping, proofing and monitoring. Methods will be chosen as per the situation on ground, ensuring safety, discretion and effectiveness.

Rats Control Plan:

1) Fix the rodents bait stations placed in all suitable external areas with clear passage.
2) Monitor the premises with various rodents monitoring perimeters such-as bait bites, tracking and run ways allocation.
3) Rodenticide bait stations to be inspected and reloaded on each visit.
4) Non chemical method such as glue board placement proved to have good results in internal premises with close passage.
5) Rodents monthly inspections to be adjusted at peak months.
6) Emergency call outs to be addressed on priority and recorded for various premises to assume the population density.
7) All the holes inside the premises near the floor and over the ceiling to be filled with silicon filler.
8) Perimeter rodent bait stations to be kept in order to provide additional control of new rodents entering the area.
9) Reporting of all pest activity and other issues including recommendations for proofing, prevention and housekeeping to be presented to the clients for sustainable rodent control program.

Please Remember:

Rodent control is a continuous process and should not be taken as the other pest control plans. The rodent control strategies require comprehensive approach and continuous monitoring. One off show for rodents will not be an effective pest control measure, so we should apply and  integrate various control methods in order to be successful against theses mammals.

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