Pesticides are chemicals used to manage pests. There are several kinds’ pesticides including insecticides, rodenticides, mullicide and fungicides etc. Insecticide is used to control insect pests. Rodenticides are used to control rodents. Mullicids are used to control snails and fungicides are used to control fungus. Pesticide safety is the foremost consideration while going for any pest control services.

Pesticides can harm non target species such as man, pets, fish, wildlife and environment/water. So as a pest controller you have a legal responsibility to use pesticides according to the product label and as per the Dubai Municipality guidelines.

Pesticide hazards are most likely to occur while the chemicals are being mixed. Pesticide containers are opened during mixing, and pesticide formulations are usually concentrated, the pesticide has yet to be diluted. Hence

We can conclude in a relation; PESTICIDE TOXICITY= HAZARD x EXPOSURE

Before mixing of pesticide please ensure to READ THE LEBEL and note the following:

  • To understand the level of toxicity by checking the words/signs of “Highly Toxic” (Danger Poison/ Danger sign), “Moderately Toxic” (Warning sign) and/or “Least Toxic” (Caution sign)
  • Read and understand First Aid statement
  • Emergency contacts numbers
  • Precautionary statement
  • Appropriate PPE
  • Active ingredient and optimum dosage
  • Storage and dispose of information
  • Safety sheets of the pesticide

During mixing of liquid pesticide formulation you are particularly at risk of absorbing the pesticide through your skin (dermal toxicity). Some liquid formulations contain solvents that are to ensure the uniform mixing with the dilution. These solvents make pesticides readily absorb-able through the skin. So it is MUST to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when using liquid formulations, especially when mixing them.

While mixing dry formulations, you are particularly at risk of inhaling particles (Inhalation toxicity). Be sure to wear a respirator or dust mask when mixing or handling dry formulations. Read the pesticide label in order to find out the required safety measures of the mixing procedure.

During mixing the pesticide please ensure the following:

  • Ensure the adequate water supply.
  • Ensure the hand soap in your pest control box.
  • Wear proper PPE.
  • Double check your sprayer for any leak
  • Keep the spill kit nearby.
  • Pesticide measuring flask could be used for appropriate spray mix preparation.
  • During mixing don’t eat, drink or smoke.
  • Mixing to be executed in well ventilated and well lighted spot.
  • Don’t allow any unauthorized person, kids or pets near to you.

Considerations after the pesticide usage:

  • Keep the empty pesticide container for proper dispose off and record.
  • Clean the entire spill with spill pads or sand, no matter how small.
  • Clean all the equipments and sprayers with soap-water and dry cloth.
  • Wash hands after every pest control and change the cloth if possible.

If you wish to get further details regarding the pest control procedures and safety, than feel free to contact Golden Leaf Pest Control Dubai.


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