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Golden Leaf Pest Control provides professional pest management firm in Dubai. Pest management services are our main focus.We are dealing with treatment and prevention against bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, wasps, ants and other pests.

Our pest management Dubai strategies revolve around Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods; the most effective and economical.The pest control plans to be very effective, safe and environment friendly.

We understand that insects and rodents become serious concern when their presence threatens public health especially food safety. Some of the pest become serious nuisance when they damage produce and/or buildings.

So professional pest control services is required to solve the menace. Our choice would get you to the fruitful results which is safe and the most practical.

Golden Leaf Pest Control understand how distressing and disruptive pest infestation could be, hence our emphasis is on pest management Dubai, it is not just mere control.We adopt consultative approach that ensures maximum impact on the pest infestation but minimum impact on your health.

Golden Leaf Pest Control offering competitive prices for both commercial and residential properties.We are offering free survey, advice and non-conditional proposals.

Our pest management Dubai approach based on your requirement, our know-how in Entomology such-as insect and animal habits, habitat, behavioral patterns, infestation rates, natural predators and likely recurrence levels.

They are in keeping with in practice legislation, as well as environmental and public concerns as per the guidelines of Dubai Municipality, Public Health and Pest Control Section.

Golden Leaf UAE is pest management Dubai is approved firm by Dubai Municipality, Public Health and Pest Control Section.

We give you the assurance that we abide by the strict regulation complying to all health and safety requirements. We can executive any commercial or household pest control projects any where in Dubai.

For any inquiry regarding professional pest management services please don’t hesitate to contact us on 050 2936738

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