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Golden Leaf Pest Control offer a comprehensive range of pest prevention/control services to domestic & commercial premises at reasonable rates, we are designing contracts to individual requirements for different kinds of pest control in Dubai UAE.

We provide pest control service in Dubai and as well with comprehensive requirement of safety which other may not apply the thumbs of rules for pest control safety. if you are planning to have pest control in Dubai or Pest management services in your premises then here are some of the “Things to do” BEFORE and AFTER¬†pest control service:

Precautions Before Pest Control

  1. No body should be inside the close premises during the pest control service.
  2. All potable water containers to be kept in one notified side.
  3. All kids and pets should be kept away from the area.
  4. Food, medications and other essentials must be sealed in plastic container.
  5. Air-condition system to be turned OFF and exhaust fans to be kept ON.
  6. Medicines not sealed in metal or glass containers should be removed.
  7. Closet doors, cupboards, and drawers must be opened before pest control.
  8. Cabinets, lockers, vaults and safes should be unlocked and remain open.
  9. Inform the pest controller to prefer CS or SC pesticide(s) indoor. Never use EC pesticide(s) inside.
  10. Never ask for pest control over baby cots/ toys.

Precautions After Pest Control

  1. Walk in to the apartment as per the post-occupation time.
  2. The premises to be kept aerated for at-least 20 min.
  3. Follow the instruction provided by the pest control operator.
  4. Never repeat the pest control process in less than 15 days.

Steps for Sustainable Pest Control

  1. Keep the premises clean and tidy.
  2. Silicon fill all the cracks and crevices in your house.
  3. DO NOT keep the food items un-cover.
  4. Never keep the over night dishes dirty.
  5. Always prefer non-chemical methods for any pest related problem as we perform for pest control operation in Dubai.
  6. Dispose off your trash frequently.
  7. Always check the professional pest control operator card with the pest control staff.

We are the leading company in UAE which provides Pest Control in Dubai, General Pest control as well as commercial and lawn pest control service in Dubai.

Pest control in Dubai

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