Pest Control in Al Quoz

Bugs problems at workplace are quite common in Al Quoz Industrial area that cannot be ignored. Research reveals that a pest infested workplace often causes disturbance and frustration amongst the staff. Not only are these pests a threat to human body and health but they get to impact productivity and performance of concerned staff. Damage to Product or produce, wooden furniture, electrical equipment and risk of damage to the computer server are in the most side effects in the list. It is a matter of fact that the employer is responsible for creating a pest free and comfortable work environment. Here are some of the tips to minimize the chance of Pest problem in the workplace.

Avoid Eating at Workstations
Strict norms should be adopted that not letting staff to eat at their workstations. Even tiny particles of dropped and un-cleaned food can attract various pests, such as flies, cockroaches and rodents. Make sure to have a specified eating unit in one side of the office. The eating unit to be nicely cleaned and arranged by janitorial staff.

Clean Culture
We understand offices spaces may contain a lot of cupboards, files, stationery and other items. Keeping in mind the ability of insects to camouflage and conceal in the small cracks and crevices and makes the pest control services much trickier. To avoid the pest grooming inside the office or warehouse, it’s highly recommended to keep the office space clean and well organized.

Waste Management
In order to have pest free offices and warehouses it is very important to adhere to strict guidelines towards waste management and disposal. It is important to dispose of leftover food, nuts and open cans of soft drink, chocolate wrappers and so on. Leaving edible waste unattended can rapidly invite pests like rodents, ants, cockroaches and flies.

It should be a weekly routine to clean and sanitize workplace. Doing so reduces the risk of ants or cockroaches being drawn towards the crevices. Regular sanitization and weekly vacuum cleaning the premises can work very effectively.

Hire Professional Pest Control
It is totally unfair to hire non-professional pest exterminator when you encounter pests. But when it is the question of office premises go for a scheduled extermination process with professional pest control to do the entire space treatment. This will help eliminate the chances of pest infestation in office areas.
As an experienced and reputable commercial pest control services in Dubai, we educate firms to hire professionals before the situation get out of control. Thus if you want a pest-free workplace; enroll for annual pest control contract as per Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section guidelines . This will make sure regular inspection and use of commercial pesticides to make a pest free zone.

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