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Do you have cockroaches in your home? Did you try all types of pesticide powders/aerosol spray available in the market……But it still coming back? Don’t you worry follow these steps to get your home free from uninvited guests.

1. Deep clean your home……before any pest control treatment to be done especially gel treatment. You need to fully deep clean your home and especially kitchen in order to eliminate hiding places and alternative food sources for the German cockroaches and Brown banded cockroaches which live mostly in the kitchen and pantries . Cockroaches love damp warm and dark places.

What you need to clean with:

Use disinfectants like floor disinfectant, kitchen appliances disinfectant/de-greaser or add hydrogen per oxide mix with water or even hot water. Your main concern should be to disinfect your kitchen appliances and floor.

What you need to clean first:

  • Entire drains and sub drains.
  • All water sink (including spaces underneath the sink)
  • The space behind the washing machine .
  • Space behind the refrigerator and dish washer.
  • Regularly dispose-off the kitchen waste.
  • Deep clean the kitchen cabinets and beneath.
    Contact the professionals if you don’t want to clean by yourself
  • Daily use vacuum cleaner for your apartment as well as kitchen cleaning.
  • Fix leakages if any.
  • Frequently dispose-off card board boxes and polythene bags.
  • Don’t keep the over night dishes dirty.
  • Prefer gel treatment (only if the kitchen is already clean) and/or approved pesticides by Ministry of Environment & Climatic Change UAE must to be applied by professional pest control companies in Dubai-UAE as per Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section guidelines.
  • It is highly recommended to apply only CS/SC pesticide formulations inside all cracks and in dark places.
  • For drains treatment against the American cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches, firstly treat all the sub-drains leading towards the main drain, and treat the main drain in last in-order to give no escape for cockroaches to come out.
  • Cockroaches are natural scavenger so keep its population density at certain level by treating the drains at least once in 180 days.

Remember: Cockroaches can live up to several months without food and water. If  you found hard to pay off, you need to continuously keep your home clean and disinfected.

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