Ants Control Service in Dubai,

Ants are among the most common pest in homes and commercial places . Ants also invade food processing areas, health centers, offices, schools, warehouses , labour accommodation and other buildings where they can find food and water.There are more than 12,000 species of ants worldwide. UAE is also infested with various types of ants.

Ant control or management requires intelligent efforts with combined use of mechanical, cultural, sanitation and/or chemical control methods. It is non practical and unrealistic attempt to totally eliminate ants from an outside premises. Reduction in outside sources of ants near buildings will decrease the chances of ants coming indoor.

Monitoring and Inspecting

Regularly monitor your home for ants presence or ants entrance is an essential factor of an IPM program- Ants Control Dubai. Inspect under ornamental plant pots, inside cupboards, and along pipes and water supply. Search for large trails of ants and/or for just a few stragglers.

When you spot ant trails, try to follow the ants to locate where they are entering the premises and follow to the nest if possible.

Exclusion & Sanitation

Fill up the cracks and crevices wherever possible, especially in kitchens and other food-preparation and storage areas. Fix leaky taps and sprinkler; these attract thirsty ants.

Weeds Control

When numerous ants are found on plants/trees, they are possibly attracted to the sweet honeydew deposited on the plants buds by honeydew-producing insects such as aphids or soft scales.Ants may also be found up into trees or shrubs by nectar or ripen sweet fruit.

Discourage and properly dispose off weeds or unwanted plants outside. Ants can be stopped out by banding tree trunks with sticky bandages. Trimming of branches is helpful in order to avoid ants climbing up the trunk to reach the foliage.

Bait Control & Chemical Control

Ant baits contain insecticides mixed with materials that attract worker searching for food; workers carry small portions of the bait back to the nest where it is transferred mouth to mouth to other workers, larvae and queen to kill the entire colony. Effective bait composed of slow acting pesticide so that the foraging ants have time to make their way back to the nest and feed other members of the colony before they are killed.

Spot pesticide treatment or nest treatment is very effective and prompt control method but should be practiced by professional pest controller.

What to do? If you have ants emergency

  • Determine what the ants are attracted to; so find and remove the food source.
  • Vacuum trails the premises and clear them with soapy water or spray with window cleaner.
  • Locate entry points then fill up openings with silicon filler or plug in with petroleum jelly.
  • Put out bait stations or apply gel bait at entry points, but take-care of kids and pets.
  • Baits take time to work, so continue vacuum cleaning trails.

Call the professional pest controller to apply the indoor pesticide treatment. For further assistance feel free to call us.

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