Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai

Golden Leaf UAE provides all types of Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai. Sofa Cleaning in Dubai is our main focus of work and we are among the best Sofa Cleaning Companies in Dubai. We provide quality Sofa Cleaning Services at competitive prices. Looking for a professional sofa cleaning company? Feel free to give us a call at +971 56 2840064.

Your family may not be the only ones enjoying the sofa. The soft, comfortable place where families relax, can harbor millions of bacteria which are not visible to human eyes. As kids spend a significant amount of time playing, sleeping and eating on the sofa, most of the bacteria tend to accumulate on the furniture. Golden Leaf experts recommend cleaning your sofa every six months to remove germs and microbial food sources. Sanitizing your sofa sucks out all the germs making it a safe place for your family.

See the diffidence yourself!

Golden Leaf UAE technicians are specialized in cleaning many types of sofa fabrics and coverings of upholstery. We use approved Eco-friendly chemicals to sanitize which are specially designed for couch cleaning to ensure your furniture is thoroughly cleaned. Different fabric stuff may require alternative chemical, we use what is right choice for your upholstery. In this way your couch can retain the original color, appearance and texture.

Why Choose us?

  • We use different type of tools to sanitize each and every corner of your sofa.
  • We use either dry foam or specially formalized detergent solution for sanitization ensuring optimum results.
  • The drying process takes maximum 3 hours and the couch will be ready to use within no time.
  • We do not use any chemicals to spoil your fabric or risk your health.

Our slogan is to create the correct image and impression with clean Sofa and upholstery.

Our Call Center: 04-4213895

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